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Creating a better future digitally

Social Nexus Hub Networking Co. is a App & Multi-Media Development Company.


Our story started as a social sharing site where we hosted simple community websites, where users can post pictures and videos. Then we expanded into cyber security for applications and websites, we hosted our own security servers and platforms for clients to use. From there we started from scratch in creating Social Nexus Hub App formerly "Nexus Social", that's where we got into the App Development Platform.


Social Nexus Hub is not just an ordinary social media app but it is a next generation platform which is safer and open for everyone to use. To fight against the spread of invalid news information around the world and to get rid of data mining from other social platforms. In nexus, we are strict with our bill of rights. We give the users 100% control of their own accounts and their own data is at their own control.


Let's make the world a better place.


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